About Us

It all started in 1995, we were on vacation in Puerto Rico and ran across a “handyman special” beachfront home (see the picture of our realtor showing us Villa 1 for the first time). We were immediately struck by the sandy beach and breathtaking view. Thus began our Sunset Paradise Villas journey. After extensive remodeling, we decided to rent what we now lovingly call Villa 1 Lower.  Within a year, we bought Villa 2, which was only one story at the time, thus expanding Sunset Paradise to 2 units.

In 1996, we moved to Puerto Rico and continued to remodel and expand Villa 1 and Villa 2. Each time we expanded, we did so with the highest quality materials and décor because this was our home. Eventually, we moved back to the states and currently live in Phoenix, AZ. Because the Villas were our home, there are a number of special “touches” that aren’t found in vacation rentals … “touches” that we proudly now share with you.

In 2005, the small home next to Villa 2 became available. Our Villas were consistently rented so we decided to purchase what now is known as Villa 3. Villa 3 began as an 800 sq ft building and has grown into a 9 bedroom Villa.

Why stop there?  As of 2010, our guests enjoy a swimming pool and spa with bathroom and shower located on the rooftop that spans Villa 2 and Villa 3. The rooftop pool is available for all of our guests to enjoy. This was a challenging project that turned out even better than we anticipated — truly our finest unit yet!

My wife, Joyce, and I are originally from Iowa. I have always been involved in real estate and Joyce worked as a teacher and later, career counselor at a private university. We have one amazing daughter, Alexis who is going to Fort Lewis College in Durango CO.  We enjoy the ocean and traveling back to Puerto Rico as much as we can.

Also another very important part of our family is Sam (on the left) and Jake (on the right), two dogs we got from Puerto Rico.  We love dogs and support ARF http://arfrincon.org an animal rescue foundation in Rincon Puerto Rico.  We have brought back several strays or "Satos" (beach dog) to our home here in Arizona.  We also support several dog rescue organizations in "Rocky Point" Mexico.

In 2011 we purchased a property in Prescott Arizona.  It was again a major project in renovations, but it is now up and running and is available for rent.  Take a look at www.PrescottParadise.com  It is a very comfortable 4 bedroom "cabin in the woods"

These units have been designed and built by us as our homes in Puerto Rico.  We take pride in providing a clean and very comfortable place for our guests to stay.  It seems to be working because our guests have rated us as ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO STAY IN RINCON PUERTO RICO! 

Thank You!