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We have tried to make our home as complete as possible for your enjoyment and there should be very little that you will need to bring.  Your Villa is completely furnish including complete set of bed linens, beach and bath towels.  

Laundry and daily maid service are not included, but can be arranged.


Please note All the Amenities that are included with each Villa.  


More Important Villa Information and Details.


Snorkel Gear


If you have your own, bring it. There are lots of great spots to check out the underwater life, but you can also buy inexpensive gear at K-Mart, Wal-Mart etc, or rent them from the local surf and dive shop.


Water shoes


Not needed on our beach, but other beaches may have sharp coral or rocks.




You do not want to have a sun burn wreck your trip.


Insect repellent


Not usually a problem, and you can buy locally, but some people are very sensitive to bits.


Sunglasses and/or Floppy hat


Same reason as the sunscreen.


Beach toys


Frisbee, football, sand toys for those with smaller children.



MOST IMPORTANT - “Bring A Good Attitude” so you can relax and enjoy


It is slower paced in the tropics, My Best Advice- "Relax, Chill Out and Go with the Flow," Not all things go "as planned" in Puerto Rico, so kick back, relax and take in the Good Things.  Embrace the "Manana Attitude"!

What To Bring