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Please read the information below on how to read the monthly calendar:

Our monthly calendar below show the NIGHTS of all reservations that have been placed, not what is available.

On our  calendar we put on the calendar part of the last name of the person who is staying us, plus in what unit. We put this information on the nights they are staying with us. EXAMPLE: if the day you are interested in has "Villa1 up Smit" on it. That means it IS NOT available. A guest with the last name of Smith (or something close to Smit) and he/she is staying in Villa 1 in the Upper unit. If there is no other unit listed on that day, that would mean all other units are available. A unit IS available if that unit is not on the calendar on the dates you want. A unit IS NOT available if it is shown on the calendar on the nights you want.


Troubleshooting tip #1: If any of the below individual Villa calendar links do not work check your browser’s address bar.  If it starts with “https” delete the “s” and change to just “http”.  Some computers open the links with encryption (the “s”).  If you open with “http” vs. “https” it will work


Troubleshooting tip #2: If the monthly calendar does not open correctly try opening it in the new “Microsoft Edge” browser (in Windows 10) or best bet use Google Chrome (do NOT use the old Microsoft Explorer)  The calendar is a goggle product and always works best in goggle chrome


View Monthly Calendar For All Villas


Or click on each Villa Calendar for availability

Villa 1 Upper Calendar

Villa 1 Lower Calendar

Villa 2 Upper Calendar

Villa 2 Lower Calendar

Villa 3 Upper Calendar

Villa 3 Lower Calendar

Villa 4 Upper Calendar

Villa 4 Lower Calendar


Check in time is after 3 PM and check out is before 10 AM.


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